Channel Manager

Software for portal and online travel agencies rate creation

Publish your rates on online portals in one click only.

The Ericsoft Channel Manager Software is ideal for all accommodation facilities which need to update rates and availability in a quick and automatized way.


With one update only, your accommodation facility will be visible on all websites or OTA on which your facility is promoted, such as, Expedia, etc… and in real time you will be able to define period, rooms and rates.

What is a Channel Manager?

A practical and reliable solution for hotel managers who handle a lot of information. Ideal for a single property or for hotel chains which need to speed up daily activities.


A tool able to address current market needs, which records an increase in hotel reservations made over the Internet, a tool which has become the main sales channel for many users.

Are you tired of wasting time every day and incurring the risk of overbooking?

Create your rates and set different price ranges. Send them to online sales channel in one click.

Work with constantly updated availability thanks to a two-way communication system with the PMS.
Receive reservations with data already filled.

Why should you update many channels, if only a few actually sell?

Even if channels that sell are only the main ones, it is essential to be visible as much as possible. Indeed, less renowned online travel channels become a precious traffic source towards the official website and they represent a real opportunity for disintermediation.

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Which advantages do you obtain from a centralized system?

  • Grant maximum availability to each channel to achieve greatest visibility;

  • Set minimum stay opening and closing dates, on all channels in one click only;

  • Optimize room types sales by automatically increasing availability of the most requested typology without reducing availability from the others.

Will it be suitable for you?

If you find yourself in one of the following three situations, the answer is yes:

  • If you DON’T use a PMS but you want to optimize sales on online travel agencies;

  • If you use a third party software and you want to implement a Channel Manager with an XML interface;

  • If you use the Ericsoft PMS and want to implement the only natively integrated channel manager with a two-way communication system.

Configurable with all the main online travel agencies

Software for OTA management and hotel promotion.
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