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Why choose Ristò 4° for your restaurant?

I am using ericsoft Ristò 4° for many years to manage my restaurant, we are ericsoft customers from the beginning, since the software was launched on the market.
Ristò 4° has improved the efficiency of my venue radically, giving simplicity and practicality in the orders management and consequently to the whole organization of tasks and operations.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of Ristò 4° is in the order taking: my staff can sends orders to different departments in real time thanks to the Ristò App installed on smartphones, using mobile devices, staff will be always in the dining hall, at customers' disposal, to grant an excellent  service.
Overall the software is very intuitive and easy to use and yes, I can recommend it to other restaurateurs because in its versatility is a POS system that is tailored to your business.


Matteo Corazza

Ristorante Tanimodi - Riccione

Some of the customers with which we collaborate

La casa degli spiriti
Restaurant | Verona
Locanda Marangon
Restaurant 2** Michelin | Trento
Montblanc (Courmayeur)
Martini Bistrot by D&G
Restaurant and Bar | Milan
Enoteca Pinchiorri
Restaurant | Florence
Gente di Mare
Restaurant | Cattolica
Gente di Mare
Restaurant | Misano Adriatico
Fendi Cafè
restaurant and Bar | Rome
Casa Spadoni
Restaurant | Faenza
Ai Scalzi
Restaurant | Venice
Restaurant | Milan
Restaurant | Verona
Restaurant | Riccione



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