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Would you like to own multiple properties but you are concerned about the managerial aspect?

As you know, managing a hotel/restaurant is not a simple activity, it requires commitment, perseverance, dedication and a suitable property management system. Then what does it mean to manage two/three or multiple hotels/restaurants? Definitely it will lead to an increase in complexities and problems, a reduction of control over the single activities, the processes implemented and much more.

No problem, also in this case there are multiple technological solutions that can assist us in the management of each facility. Anyhow, you should remember that the installation of a separate system in each property is not sufficient, a communication between facilities is fundamental to ensure a correct supervision.

Manage all your properties contemporaneously: hotel, restaurant and retail chains

The ericsoft multi property module allows to configure an unlimited number of properties within a unique centralized database. All properties can be connected to one another and every operator, if granted specific permissions, will be able to access data of other dislocated workstations. Indeed, with this module, you will be able to:

  • Share and access a centralized database system. The profile card created for each new guest from any property will be visible by all the others facilities that are part of the group.

  • Simply and adapt uniform system configuration processes for every single hotel/restaurant and create standard product categories and shared product lists.

  • Access the reports of every single property to monitor its performance, conduct trend analyses and compare results obtained.

  • Access information and updates relative to sales items and products present in the stockrooms from any workstation.

  • Customize the software for each property, to satisfy the specific needs of each facility, while granting a global supervision.

  • Operating from each workstation in single or centralized modality based on needs.

No vacancy? No problem

The multi property module, available for Suite 4° and Hotel 4°, also allows to simplify and speed up front office operations. Users, if granted specific permissions during configuration, will be able to access all properties from any workstation. This will allow to check resource availability contemporaneously in all accommodation facilities. This function can be very useful if you need to redirect a reservation in another hotel of the group, especially in absence of vacant rooms.

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