Risto 4° - Restaurant POS system

Restaurant, bar and pizzeria Point of Sale System

Always at your side, from order taking to billing

Manage in a professional way

Restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias, pubs, bars and ice-cream shops. Choose the ideal configuration for an independent point of sale or a chain property. The ericosft software allows you to monitor sales data, verify operators’ activities, alter permissions based on role or competencies, associate tables to waiters to and control revenue generated.

The advantages of a centralized system

Through the use of touch-screen and wireless terminals, the system allows to charge orders and send them automatically to the relative departments, without losing contact with the customer. All departments (kitchen, bar, pizzeria, etc.) receive the order on a thermal printer in real time. During bill emission, you will be able to print proforma documents and/or financial documents in one click only; charged items details and relative prices will be already codified.

What can Ristò 4° do for you?

Ristò 4° improves the performance of your business allowing you to conduct a series of daily operations necessary to support managerial activities, such as:

  • Rapidly create separate bills for the same table

  • Rapidly create cumulative bills for multiple tables

  • Check and collect outstanding bills in one click

  • Manage customers’, vendors’ and users’ personal records to access in an easier way their historical data

  • Manage access and permissions of single operators based on role and competencies

  • Run daily and periodic analyses through the use of specific summary reports

Management control and analyses

Some of the analyses that you will obtain automatically:

  • Monitor charges, cancellations, issued bills and activity log of each operator

  • Check cover charges, sales and revenue generated by each guest or in a given time period

  • Monitor consumption, stock and warehouse movements

  • Verify advance deposits, outstanding invoices and payments

  • Set time slots to monitor the performance generated by different work phases

Restaurant, bar and pizzeria POS systems 

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Hospitality Handhelds

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Stock Control

Automatized and reliable inventory management

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