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Professional point of sale management. Maximum efficiency and organization in daily activities

Shop 4° automatizes and speeds up managerial processes, simplifies operators’ activities and improves the organization and quality of services offered.

The software is designed to satisfy all necessities related to the point of sale and retail business activities.

An ideal solution for individual business activities and franchising ones, which offers an intuitive graphical interface and the possibility to customize the point of sale touch screen.

Point of sale management system

Transfer to customers’ purchase charges to the room bill

Ericsoft management system for retail business allows to control inventory loading and unloading, stock, ordered purchase items, goods delivery and to work from different workstations.


You will be able to run the night audit, check and close fiscal printers activity and print receipts daily summary.

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Point of sale management software

Shop 4° is a software that combines inventory management with counter sales needs offering the possibility to track merchandize from purchase to sale.


The Point of sale software is installed on a workstation, to which all the external devices will be linked, such as barcode readers and cash register.


From the different screen, you will be able to manage different payment types, to issue an immediate invoice and to gain precise information regarding the night audit.

Increase customers’ loyalty with customized cards

Payment management can be set in two different ways: “debit” when payment is done at check out, “credit” with advance payment, charges unload and courtesy receipt emission.

Monopoly management

It allows to manage the sales of items that do not require a receipt, such as tobacco or other monopolies. It is possible to issue non-fiscal documents or save sales data without printing any document in order to obtain the correct stock take.

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Monitor your business performance

With Shop 4° you can create a purchase order; with a few clicks you can verify availability, prices, manage inventory loading, rounding, classify purchase items by categories and view the purchase item picture with the relative price and stock details.


The objective of the software is to simplify daily operations, reduce sales people error margin to the minimum and improve the quality of the service offered, reducing waiting time.

Managerial Control

With the ericsoft software you will be able to run analyses to monitor your business performance:

  • Set different time slots to measure performance during different work phases;

  • Run sales data report with detailed information on each single item sold;

  • Run detailed revenue analyses for each department and view outstanding bills report.

How do you know if your customers are satisfied?
Build a lasting relationship with your customers

Available Modules


Turn your customers into loyal guest with the Customer Relationship Management

Multi property

Manage all your properties contemporaneously using one single PMS system 


Centrally manage multiple points of sales even in absence of an internet connection


Export your accounting data in standard XML file documents


Automatized and reliable stock management

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