Booking Engine for Hotels

Online reservation software for hotels: do you know how to increase your profits?

Discover the Ericsoft solutions for your accomodation facility: not a simple online reservation software, but a tool to obtain specific objectives, such as the increase in reservations and profits. Discover a platform that allows to define your property's availability, rates and offers.


Discover all the functionalities of our Booking Engine: we have developed for you a comprehensive and intuitive service able to satisfy your needs.

Do you have a direct online reservation system, quick and error free?

An easy, intuitive, fast and stable platform like the one offered by Ericsoft allows you to perform all operations efficiently. Its interface appears extremely user-friendly thanks to clear screens and a fast loading process.

A reservation management system with technical problems could compromise web surfing and the online room booking process; Ericsoft is instead able to offer you stability and security for a fast and immediate process.

Ericsoft offers a free demo to give you the possibility to discover and evaluate Ericsoft Booking Engine functionalities.

Booking Engine to book directly from your website

Natively integrated within the property management software

Would you like to increase reservations by 30 % in the next 12 months?

Many of our customers, both independent hotels and hotel chains, have achieved this goal thanks to our system that combines the most advanced online sales strategies with an incredible simplification of processes.

Revenue Intelligence

Optimize room sales by automatically increasing room inventory of the most requested room type without decreasing availability from the others.a

Set predefined rules to apply different price ranges according to the occupancy level percentage and the requested number of rooms.

Comparative quotations can become reservations in a few clicks!

Create comparative quotations that contain the link to the Booking Engine ready to be confirmed.

In this way customers, will be able to book directly in a quick and easy way, reducing front office operations.

Security is one of the sore spots

The absence of a reservation system leads accommodation facilities to request credit card details by E-mail, a very risky activity!

In addition, this is not appreciated by customers which are required to expose their personal information. It is therefore not uncommon that they will ask for a safe and encrypted data transmission process, a feature which is guaranteed by the online booking system.

Online Booking Engine. Why increase direct reservations?

This is an ideal marketing tool which is currently not exploited by many hotel owners, indeed a Booking Engine Software integrated in your website or tourist portal, will allow you to increase direct online reservations and consequently your property’s profitability, thanks to a true disintermediation.

A low-quality reservation software is not very useful and is unable to interpret market feedback, thus leading to a waste of time.

With Ericsoft you will be certain to be using a reliable system and have an expert always at your side able to solve technical matters.

Contact us to receive further information about the software! 

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Optimized for mobile devices

The Booking Engine has a responsive design, making it compatible with any device.

Sell worldwide

Languages and currencies are constantly being updated to offer to your potential guests the possibility to make their reservation from any side of the world.

Customize the layout

The graphical layout is customizable, colors, logos and images can be modified according to the needs of each accommodation facility. Each text field is editable and you will be able to define which content you wish to upload.

What is a booking engine for hotels and tourist portals?

It allows users that connect to your website or to the tourist portal to verify room availability and to book their stay in an independent way by providing credit cards details as a guarantee to their reservation, thus eliminating commissions.

This operation occurs in real time and directly on your website or on the tourist portal.


A website or portal that does not provide a booking management software forces the customer to send an e-mail, wait for the reply, send personal data and finally wait for the confirmation. A very long and time consuming process that causes a waste of energy and time for both the guest and yourself or your staff.

On both sides, multiple operations are required and they could be automatized by an online reservation management software.

Why combine an online booking software with your website?

Simple reservation management software represents a true Call to Action, an invitation to make a room booking. A sales tool that determines real conversion quantities created by website traffic on the tourism portal or property’s website.


The experience of the reservation is fundamental and including up-selling tools can, for example, contribute to increase reservations.


Here it is possible to purchase a booking engine software entirely made in Italy and Ericsoft is able to provide skilled technicians able to guarantee the necessary support and at all times you will be able to contact the help desk to find optimal solutions according to your needs.

All Inclusive. A single interface, many functionalities!

By activating the Ericsoft Booking Engine you will immediately have access to the wide variety of functionalities without the need to purchase to purchase additional modules:

* Availability, prices, minimum stay per treatment and cancellation policy management

* Social network integration

* Discount codes; dynamic special offers; discounts according to age ranges

* Add-on services; multilanguage translations; conversions statistics

* Responsive layout

Up-selling and Cross-selling strategies. Enrich your proposal by offering additional valuable services to your guests!

Not only rooms: enrich your offering by providing to your guests’ additional services that represent values for their travel experience:

* Transfer from/to the airport

* Reserved parking lot

* Champagne and roses for a special event

* Massages

* Spa treatments

* Trips and guided tours

Remember… If you already have our Hotel PMS software, you will be able to do much more!

Those who already possess an ericsoft Hotel Property Management Software will also be able to benefit from the additional services available:

* Download reservations and guests’ data automatically within the software

* Send guests customized e-mails, before arrival, during their stay and after departure thanks to the CRM module

* Reduce queues at reception thanks to the innovative Online Check-in functionalities

* Easily manage B2B rates and discount codes created for specific customers

Discover Ericsoft Booking Engine and book your free demo

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Discover Ericsoft Booking Engine and try our demo

Four different template styles are available to help during your first configuration.


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