Contracts and Allotment

What is an allotment?

An allotment is a contract between a business customer and an accommodation facility whereby a number of rooms is reserved for sale to the business customer and is characterized by specific limitations in terms of time and usage.


Business customers, such as tour operators, companies and agencies purchase rooms in a specific time period and resell them to partners and end customers.

Every allotment has an expiry date, called “release”, that represents the deadline by which the business customer is granted the right to resell these rooms.


If the agency is not able to sell all the rooms given in allotment before this date, the agency will have to return all unsold rooms to the manager of the accommodation facility that will be able to reuse them as he prefers.

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Contracts and allotment module to manage business agreements

The management of such contracts can become a complex activity, especially when terms agreed with different agencies vary.

The contracts and allotment module offered by Ericsoft is designed to manage business contracts in a fast and automatized way.

This module allows to:

  • Manage an unlimited number of contracts

  • View and modify at any time availability and sales terms

  • Agree with the agent and/or the booker the commissions that have to be paid (that originate from the stay and any service or treatment sold)

  • Configure bill settings (half credit, full credit, etc.)

In addition, you will also be able to:

  • Determine a specific rate or rate categories and the related deposit or cancellation policies with the possibility to implement penalties;

  • Associate a reservation to a specific allotment;

  • Decide not to accept a reservation when out of stock, or accept it in extra allotment;

  • Include or exclude the number of rooms agreed for allotment in occupancy calculations for revenue management activities.

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