Hospitality Property Management Software with Revenue Management System – Hotel 4°

Hotel Software, with integrated Revenue Management features

that helps you optimize the management of your hotel and increase the profitability of your business.

Hotel 4° is the ideal property management software for any accommodation facility and hotel chain. A PMS developed according to your needs.

Optimizing workload management also means to live better: an avenue which allows to achieve good results using a single software system.


With the objective of reducing errors to the minimum you will be able to perform a series of operations automatically. It will only take you only one minute to prepare a comparative quotation according to your customer’s requests.

Create quotations in one minute only!

Your customer will receive the details of your offer by e-mail and will have the possibility to make an online reservation by clicking on the quotation received.


Reservations made on your hotel's website and received through the Booking Engine will be automatically downloaded in your PMS.

The system has been developed according to fundamental Revenue Management principles and is recognized by major Italian and international consultants as the ideal tool for dynamic rate management.

Equipped with over 310 reports, the system allows you to monitor major performance indexes in real time and obtain detailed information on occupancy levels, revenue, room nights, average daily rate and RevPAR.

An intuitive and complete hotel management system, designed to manage reservations, check-in, check-out, receipts and invoices, monitor pending bills, profit and statistics.

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Real time room status updates

Once logged-in, each operator will be able to view assigned rooms and easily update information for a real-time communication with front office. For example, the user will be able to edit the room status simply by clicking on the current status i.e. “untidy” and choosing a new one i.e. “tidy”, specify the room preparation (single or double) and add notes or relevant information that can be instantly visible at front office.

Instant messaging and room charges

Operators can exchange important information in real time thanks to the instant messaging system.

Keep maintenance under control

In the maintenance section you can check current issues, modify them or add new ones. To edit a maintenance report, you just need to select it and change relative information: you can enter a date, a room number, the category or reason, the operator in charge and any additional notes.

Minibar Expenses

In addition, staff can charge minibar expenses to the guest’s room bill, by posting all goods consumed by the guest; hence speeding up the entire process.

No more unsold rooms!

By integrating the PMS software for rooms management to the Booking Engine, you will be able to increase direct reservations on your website.

In this way, you will be able to decrease intermediation, save on commissions and foster customer loyalty.


With the Channel Manager software, you will be able to modify at all times prices uploaded in the various online sales channels.


An unsold room represents a risk that you can’t afford, particularly during the high season!

Revenue Oriented

The revenue management module allows you to set predefined rules and different price ranges to apply according to occupancy percentages levels reached and the number of requested rooms in a specific time period.

Furthermore, thanks to recent updates, the software can now communicate in real time with the most popular RMS (revenue management systems). The PMS will send statistical and consequently receive suggestions on the most efficient rate to apply in order to optimize revenue and occupancy.

The multi-property module has been developed to manage hotel chains using one single centralized database that allows to share strategic information and uniform procedural standards.

Customer Relationship Management

By activating the CRM module, you will be able to manage e-mails exchanged with your guests in an automatized way. Create predefined templates for all recurring communications:

  • Birthday wishes

  • Quotations and solicit on expiring offers

  • Pre-arrival welcome E-mails

  • Reservation confirmation E-mails

  • Post departure e-mails

Online reservations

To ensure an automatized two-way communication between the PMS and online reservations, Hotel 4 is equipped with integrated booking engine and channel manager systems.


Create a rate on your property management system and transfer it automatically to all online sales channels in one click.


For each rate determine deposit and cancellation policies, to ensure a transparent and efficient communication on your official website.

Online Check-in

The software allows you to send reservation E-mails containing the online check-in link.

By clicking on this link the customer will be redirected to a specific online form where he will insert his personal identification information.

In this way, at the guest’s arrival it will be sufficient to compare and check if ID document information and data received through the internet coincide.

This will lead to a better customer service for your guests (who will check-in faster) and to a lower workload for the front office operators.

Optimize your sales, maximize profits!

Only few use a scientific method to decide how and when rooms prices should be modified.

Available Modules

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Multi property
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Multi resource
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Interactive TV
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Key Cards
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Stock Control
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