Hotel, restaurant and retail inventory management system

Inventory Management. Do you still use pen and paper?

In any business activity, regardless of its size, it is fundamental to monitor revenue and costs.

Many businessmen still try to make calculations using pen and paper despite the advanced technologies available on the market, without considering the potential consequences.

Consequences which might appear of minor importance at first, but that in the long run could damage future business performance.
Using an inventory management software is fundamental in the hospitality and Food & Beverage industry.

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Stock control. Automatize the management of orders and stock levels with a reliable software

The inventory module, available on all ericsoft software solutions, allows to configure and link together an unlimited number of stockrooms.

This module in addition to offering an accurate costs analyses and granting access to historical data related to the commercial conditions agreed; also allows to calculate the cost of goods used and to compare vendor terms of sale to determine the most convenient one.

Analyze stock movements

Using the inventory module, it is possible to export multiple documents to have greater control over the activities performed. Among the most commonly used reports we find:

  • Inventory activity analysis by date and level: stock loading, unloading and transfer activities performed in the stockrooms grouped by date and level.

  • Inventory: value and quantify of goods in stock for each stockroom.

Inventory document management

  • Items under stock: list of items that appear to be understock compared to the minimum stock level set in the system
  • Weighted average of purchase cost: accurate cost analysis of the items present in the stockroom
  • Item cost impact on meals: obtained by displaying quantity, cost, price and margin on sold items in a specific period

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The inventory module allows to automatically manage unsold items, calculate stock and send orders to vendors.

During configuration you will need to create purchase items and specify relative minimum and maximum stock levels.

The software will automatically recognize under stock items and will create an order with corresponding quantities necessary to reach the maximum limit previously defined.

Subsequently this order will be transformed in an invoice and the relative quantities received will be automatically added to the stock level.

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Why choose ericsoft?

Our strength lies in providing tools naturally developed to interact, allowing you to manage your business with all the benefits that only an integrated system can give you.

Thanks to the broad range of modules and with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer complete and flexible solutions that suit your needs and the market requirements.

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