Bit 2018 interview with Stefano Rossi

From February 11th to 13th 2018 BIT returns to Milan - the International Tourism exhibition, the most important event for tour operators and travelers from all over the world.

While waiting for the event, here is a preview of our presence at the event, with an interview to the Ericsoft President published on the Bit2018 Blog. Enjoy your reading 😊


"Since 1995, Ericsoft has been developing and distributing software to optimize the organization and increase the profitability of hotels and restaurants. We interviewed Stefano Rossi, President of Ericsoft, for a preview of what will be presented at BIT 2018.


How are you going to describe Ericsoft to our readers?

Ericsoft is a company that thinks big, which creates innovative solutions to anticipate future needs of hospitality professionals. We are 100% made in Italy and the average age of our team members does not exceed 26 years old. Our helpdesk is active 365 days a year, making us a company truly at customers’ disposal. Since 1995, our goal has been to simplify daily activities of the people who manage hotels and restaurants by delegating critical activities to our software, so they can finally enjoy a holiday (as well).


What services do you offer hotels and restaurants?

The goal of our software is to streamline the management of hotels and restaurants with complete and integrated solutions that support staff in all activities: from guest management, to online sales on all channels, from order taking to billing, using a single interface. We target hospitality professionals that not only want to improve their business organization, but above all want to increase their profits with a revenue-oriented property management system, saving time and energy.


What do you expect from your presence at Bit2018?

Bit has always been a showcase opportunity for us, a chance to speak with customers and to compare ourselves with industry experts. Besides the desire to expand our client portfolio, which has now reached the threshold of 5000 customers, today we are looking for new partners and collaborators to expand our sales network.


Do you have any news or particular initiatives for 2018?

Our software and our company have always been constantly evolving. To date we are finalizing Suite 5, the revenue-oriented hotel management software completely in the cloud, the new version of Suite 4. We are also working on the creation of a new CRM that will revolutionize guest management thanks to the integration with web channels and social media. From a single panel it will be possible to manage requests from all online and offline channels in a simple, immediate and professional way. Speed is fundamental to gain new customers and satisfy existing ones.


If you are looking for a property management software for your hotel or restaurant, come and discover Ericsoft a Bit2018."


Why choose ericsoft?

We have been creating complete and highly specialized technological solutions for the hospitality industry since 1995.


Having an exclusive focus on a single industry, our investments have always been entirely dedicated to the development of our software and innovative applications for hotel and restaurant management.


The experience gained over the years, together with what we acquire on a daily basis by being in contact with hospitality professionals, allows us to understand the real needs of the sector and to develop, based on new market trends and regulations, flexible and scalable solutions that can be customized according to the needs of each property, from independent ones to chains.

Give us your contact details and our team will advise the most suitable solution according to your needs.

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