Free online webinars

Free online registered webinars are available in the control panel for all Ericsoft customers.

We focused on the topics that we believe are important for you, to allow you to make the most out of our software with the goal of simplifying and making more efficient your property management.

Hoping that these courses can help you, we will introduce the topics available

Webinars last approximately one hour.

  • Planning + Guest management + Front office

  • Individual reservation + Details (on reservation) + Bill creation

  • Share guest management

  • Group reservation + Bill creation

  • Deposits and Down payments

  • Routing + Bills and Pending Bills Management

  • Document Management and Available Reports

  • Front Office and Manager Reports

  • Customer Relationship Management module configuration + Comparative Quotations

  • Optimizing occupancy using the Yield management module

  • Create sales items // also for RISTO' 4° customers

  • Touch Screen // also for RISTO' 4° customers

  • Inventory Items // also for RISTO' 4° customers

  • Inventory Management // also for RISTO' 4° customers

  • Booking Engine New Rate configuration

  • Booking Engine Sales strategies

  • Booking Engine Promotions, packages and secret offers

  • Website Development: CMS components definition and content configuration

  • Website Development: CMS widgets, layout and publication


How to view them

Access your online control panel:

go to the "Help" - "Manual" – “Webinar Classes” section and choose the ones that most interest you!

Our products

Hospitality professionals have always considered us a key reference point since 1995.

We provide solutions that simplify and optimize managerial activities for hotels and restaurants, aiming to enhance our customers’ profitability.

Suite 4°

Complete property management system for hotels and multiproperty

Booking Engine

Online booking system for room reservations

Channel Manager

OTA management software

Web sites

Hotel and restaurant website creation


email marketing automation software

Ristò 4°

Professional restaurant POS system

Why choose ericsoft?

We have been creating complete and highly specialized technological solutions for the hospitality industry since 1995.


Having an exclusive focus on a single industry, our investments have always been entirely dedicated to the development of our software and innovative applications for hotel and restaurant management.


The experience gained over the years, together with what we acquire on a daily basis by being in contact with hospitality professionals, allows us to understand the real needs of the sector and to develop, based on new market trends and regulations, flexible and scalable solutions that can be customized according to the needs of each property, from independent ones to chains.

Give us your contact details and our team will advise the most suitable solution according to your needs.

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