Customer Relationship Management

In how many ways can you grow your business?

One hundred? Two hundred? One thousand?
Atually only three:

  • Increase the number of customers

  • Increase the average expenditure per customer

  • Increase the number of repeat purchases from the same customer

Putting your customers first

As a hotelier, your major objectives include: attracting new customers, exceeding their expectations by offering an exceptional service (for which they will be willing to pay more) and stimulating them to repeat their experience at your hotel.

What is CRM?

CRM, acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is the term used to defined all the activities carried out to foster the development of relationships with customers. To establish a relationship that will last over time you need to know your customers, communicate with them frequently and pay constant attention to their needs. Sending an email when you remember is no longer sufficient, it is now necessary to set up automatic procedures. Communications have to be sent in a serial way, using a standard process that allows to have a personal approach with each customer: past, present or future.

Why should you choose the Ericsoft CRM?

Entirely developed to satisfy your needs, the ericsoft CRM, is equipped with numerous functionalities that automatize and simplify the communication process with your guest and the management of his reservation:

  • Email account integration: this feature allows to manage your emails directly from the PMS system and to track the communication history with each guest.

  • Comparative quotations: customized comparative quotations can be automatically sent in a few clicks.

  • Email marketing: send promotions, quotations and any commercial communications to different guest categories.

  • Automatic email management: customize serial emails and send out bulk mailings. With ericsoft you can also schedule automitic follow up emails for quotations about to expire.

  • Customer care: set up guest categories, define events and create your templates, from welcome emails prior to guests’ arrival, to safe trip home wishes at check-out to birthday wishes on the birth day of each guest.

How can you know if your guests are satisfied?

Well-organized guest management activities do not only require the implementation of automatized procedures, but also require constant performance analyses to understand whether implemented strategies are efficient. For this reason, the ericsoft CRM module allows to conduct surveys using customizable questionnaires that can be sent over to guests x days after their stay to measure their Customer Satisfaction.

Email Marketing

The ericsoft CRM helps you in the creation of your marketing campaigns and promotional newsletters. Not only it will monitor users' actions to determine the success of the implemented strategy, by tracking and monitoring how many times a certain email has been opened and clicked; but it will truly become a real marketing assistant that will guide you in the everyday management of your marketing activities.

In which products can it be integrated?

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Why choose ericsoft?

Our strength lies in providing tools naturally developed to interact, allowing you to manage your business with all the benefits that only an integrated system can give you.

Thanks to the broad range of modules and with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we offer complete and flexible solutions that suit your needs and the market requirements.

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