Retail Point of Sale Software for Hotels

Shop 4°

Manage point of sale, shops and retail stores

Maximum efficiency for your point of sale

Shop 4° is the retail point of sale software that automates and speeds up staff processes, simplifies operators’ activities and improves the organization and quality of the service offered. An ideal solution for individual and franchising businesses.

Management control

Keep stock levels under control and monitor your staff's operations within the system

Reports and statistics

Obtain detailed statistics on your business, run night audit operations and verify daily sales

Enhance customer’s loyalty

Use pre-paid debit cards or credit cards to manage customers' payments and their point scheme

State monopolies

Sell articles that do not require receipts, such as tobacco and other state monopoly items

Simple and intuitive

The software graphic user interface is simple and intuitive, you can customize the touch screen layout according to your needs.

Group articles in categories and upload the image of each product, monitor prices, stock and details.

In addition, by using Shop 4° within your hotel you can transfer guests' purchases from the POS directly to the room bill.

Available modules


multi property



inventory management



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