Hotel Hiberia & Hotel Virgilio

In our properties we use Hotel 4°, the Ericsoft all-in-one solution, with the innovative Revenue Management module, which allows us to apply pricing strategies through the automatic update of dynamic rates, it’s incredible.

I am the Sales Manager of Hotel Hiberia and Virgilio Hotel. Before introducing Ericsoft, I used to stay in the office until late and when I left, I always had the feeling that I would have found a disaster the following morning, such as rooms sold at incredibly low prices on days where demand had suddenly increased.

Now I am finally free from this concern and the results in terms of revenue increase can be tangibly measured. I know that Ericsoft is currently working on new features especially in relation to sales strategies, I am excited to try them all!

Definitely the best software investment our group has ever made.


Giuseppe Lignano

Sales Director



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