GDPR Privacy Legislation 2018

GDPR compliant hotel PMS

and restaurant POS system

Your client data is safe


The new GDPR legislation by adjusting the collection, storage, processing and sharing method of personal data, wants to ensure that it is correctly managed and in the respect of the data owner. Ericsoft PMS and restaurant POS system are compatible with GDPR principles and rights as they allow data processing in compliancy with the law.




Privacy by design

The software is compliant with GDPR "by design", because it respects the new standards and it is compatible with its principles and guidelines in its design

Consent Management

Guests’ consent to data processing is managed by the PMS to facilitate and simplify compliancy of your business to the legislation

Data Retention

Data is stored, deleted and rendered anonymous automatically in accordance with the law and to data retention periods configured in the PMS

Controlled access

Each operation within the software is recorded and access to different software features varies according to permissions associated to each operator.

Speed up your adjustment to GDPR

With Ericsoft, compliancy to GDPR is free of charge. We have fully embraced the principle of compatibility "by design" by making changes directly within the software, therefore you will not need to purchase any additional application.


In addition to simplify and automatize the management of hotels and restaurants, the Ericsoft Suite 4° and Ristò 4° ensures an adequate management of clients data in compliancy with the new legislation.

CRM & Data Retention

Using the Ericsoft CRM, you will be able to extend the data retention period within the database. This new functionality allows to automatically renew email marketing consent.


Not only will you be able to manage data properly according to GDPR policies, but you will have a tool that positively contributes to your marketing and sales activities.



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