Are you looking for a PMS for your hotel? Here's what you need to know before choosing one!

For hoteliers, the choice of a PMS system can really represent an exhausting experience. The software is indeed the heart of the hotel and replacing it can lead to tangible improvements in the hotel's performance, but if you purchase the wrong one, you will find yourself having more problems than you had before. The truth is that all software companies advertise themselves as the "ideal solution" and you can easily get lost in the loads of information present in the web. Therefore, before considering any option you should take a step back and begin with the basis. 


What is a PMS?

PMS stands for Property Management System and represents a software that facilitates the management of your property by aggregating data and information from different hotel areas (from housekeeping to front office and restaurant management) making daily managerial operations automatic like room allocation, extra charges and many others. In addition to facilitating the hotel's managerial processes, the PMS also has a strategic role as it collects important data such as the ADR, Rev Par and other essential information to be competitive in the market and increase profits.

If the PMS system, is perfectly integrated with the tools that manage the indirect online distribution (Channel Manager) and the direct one (Booking Engine), together with Revenue Management systems, can really turn into an intelligent machine that not only optimizes and simplifies processes, but increases the overall profits of the hotel thanks to strategic rate planning.



Is my current PMS the right solution for my property?

How can you understand that everything is working at its best when it is the PMS itself that conditions current workflow and performance? It is difficult to take a step back and analyze the situation objectively. At the end, the question that needs to be answered, beyond technical features, is: "does my PMS simplify my life?". Below you may find some information that, if evaluated beforehand, can positively influence the choice of a new PMS. 


1. Integration and compatibility of the PMS

One of the most popular regrets among hoteliers after having chosen a PMS system is that of not having checked in advance if the new PMS integrates with third-party systems the hotel uses. Sometimes the integration is made possible, but with slow and expensive processes. Will your Channel Manager automatically connect the bookings made on OTAs to the PMS? If not, then what are the advantages of having a Channel Manager if reservations have to be managed manually? An operation that not only wastes a lot of time but also increases the possibility of transcription errors which may cause overbooking or lead to unsold rooms. And will the Booking Engine, be compatible or not? Integration is one of the most important factors when analyzing one's PMS or considering to buy a new one. Start by making a list of third parties you work with and check how many of these can or cannot be integrated with your PMS. Knowing in advance can really make a difference. 


2. Are you really buying what you need?

Each property has different needs and it is therefore important to write a list of necessary tasks and actions that the new PMS must be able to perform. All else being equal, the elements that distinguish a good PMS are the ease of use and the intuitiveness of the system. Price is always an important variable in the decision-making process, often the wide range of modules and applications available increase costs; you should evaluate exactly what you need. Make sure that all costs are well described in the quote. Often choosing the cheaper option results in an initial saving, but in a loss of efficiency and consequently profits in the long-term. If the new PMS system was purchased because it was cheap, it will most likely not suit your needs over time and this decision will cost you a lot more than you had expected.


3. Useful data vs general information

ERPs collect, process and store millions of data. It is not the quantity of data that makes the difference but it is the quality and above all the usability of such information. The statistics and reports available in the PMS must be clear, simple and concise, to help you make the right decision as quickly as possible and have a clear overview of your current business performance. You should therefore verify that the PMS system always provides updated statistics and useful information for strategic hotel management.


4. What happens after the purchase?

Another valuable element is knowing you will be able to speak with the helpdesk in case of need. Many providers are present in the initial negotiation phases and during the sales process, but it then becomes difficult to get in touch with them for problems related to the use of the software. This is why you should choose a PMS provider who offers support 7 days a week. In this way, you will have someone that will address and solve your issues in a timely manner.



In short

The choice of a PMS system is a complex operation that directly affects your business profits. It is important to carefully evaluate the different options, gather as much information as possible and be aware of the needs of your properties. Request for demos, discuss with other hoteliers and take time to think, having clear in mind what is the most important question: "will the PMS gives me peace of mind?".


To help you in your research, we offer you a brief overview of the features of our PMS, in relation to the points addressed in the article. In this way, in case you wish to insert Ericsoft in your research, you will already have some useful information at your fingertips:


Integration and compatibility of the PMS - Our PMS already has integrated Booking Engine and Channel Manager, for real time error-free data and information transfer. It is also compatible with the major hotel providers of building automation systems, PBX, paid TV, etc… 


Are you really buying what you need? - Our PMS is fully modular and flexible based on the managerial needs of the different properties, you can activate only the modules you need, without needing to purchase the complete package.


Useful data vs general information - On our online portal you can monitor the progress of bookings, revenue, ADR, room nights and pick up time. These data can be easily accessed using any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV) to check at any time company's performance with constantly updated statistics, even while traveling or at home.


What happens after the purchase? - We offer support to our customers 365 days a year, in this way you will always have a single provider by your side.



If you want to know more about the Ericsoft PMS systems call us at +39 0541 604894 or fill out the form below to receive a free demo: we will show you how an all-in-one PMS can reorganize the management of your property and give you peace of mind!







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